Our Story

This is the story about Hellsingland Group.

My interest in photography, and later on in entrepreneurship in general, started when my brother, our friends and me were out riding our bikes all days long. At one point I decided to start recording our rides on tape, just for fun. This opened a whole new world for me and for every summer that past my interest grew and I put more and more focus into documenting the stuff we did, instead of riding my bike. The spring of 2007, we decided to produce a first film of us riding. The riding wasn't fancy, not at all actually, but the film became the first of many projects I've done as a professional photographer.

It has now been many years since that summer and to capture great moments in the extreme sports world is still one of the best things I know. In the beginning of 2011 I started my first company, Edvin Hellsing Photography. A choice I haven’t had to regret as it has given me a lot of great experiences down the road. It has taken me to lots of different countries with inspiring people. Something I never even could have imagined when I, 17 years old, sent in those first papers to get register the company.

All hours infront of the computer retouching pictures got me interested in graphic design, and later on in web design. In a sunny day at the end of 2015 I had one of my most creative moments so far, and founded Hellsingland Group. Nowadays is Edvin Hellsing Photography a part of Hellsingland Group. We are specialized in production of digital and printed material in photography, film, web design and graphics. We're doing what we love. Create amazing things. Hellsingland Group has grown a lot since the start. We have just getting started, even if it's the beginning of something small.

Edvin, Founder Hellsingland Group

Summer of 1999 in the forests of Värmland, Sweden.

Summer of 1999 in the forests of Värmland, Sweden.